Exterior Painting Tips

If you intend to paint your home yourself and you need some smart and basic tips and how to do it like a pro and make your home look amazing, then you’ve clicked the right link. Our tips will guide you through the whole procedure, so you can save your money for other home maintenance projects that you definitely won’t be able to DIY.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly brush through the best tips that will definitely help your house get a new look.

  • Purchase high-quality paint. The fact that you are on a DIY budget shouldn’t make you consider getting low-quality materials. If you get them, then you should prepare yourself for another painting project in few months to come, and this may cost more.
  • Prep the surface to be painted properly so the paint can adhere well and last longer without flaking prematurely. You can use a power sprayer and you can as well hand-scrub the surface. If you have a wooden surface or any other kind of surface, it’s advisable to check with your paint supplier on how to prep such surface for a paint job.
  • Use the right kind of brush and roller on the surface. Make use of brushes and rollers that are comfortable to use. If you aren’t sure about the right kind of brush or roller size you’ll need, you can ask your paint store for some help.
  • Rinse out the brush every few hours. If you fail to do this, the paint will dry off at the top of the bristles of which this can ruin the brush. If there is a buildup of paint on the bristles of the brush after painting, you can soak it in vinegar all night. This will help loosen the dry paint.
  • If you can work in the shade, it’s a good idea to do so. You should begin your painting where there is a shade and try to move as the shade moves, this will make the paint adhere better to the surface. Also, it will let you see the application of the paint better and it’s more comfortable as your exposure to the sun will be limited.
  • When you are on the ladder, ensure your hips are within the horizontal rails. You should also not try to move the ladder while on it.


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