How to install crown molding like a pro

Crown moldings are great additions to the house. If you have no idea what these are, crown moldings are generally used for capping walls, pilasters, and cabinets. Many homeowners use them to decorate their ceilings and even exteriors. So if you want to redesign your house and add more elements to it, here are some tips on how to install crown molding like a pro.

Prepare the site 

Check our house and reckon the type and size of molding that you are going to use. If you have a large ceiling, you can use a large molding that is proportional and suited to the interior. Smaller moldings are more suited to smaller houses. However, if you have a lot of angles on your ceiling, you can use a variety of molding designs to achieve the picture on your mind.


Cut the moldings

Once you get the correct measurements of your ceiling, you can start cutting the moldings accordingly.  You can lay the molding flat beneath an electric blade or use a saw to cut it manually. When cutting the moldings always observe the proper measurement. Cut angles into the corners to fit perfectly in the corners of your ceiling.


Fine tune corners and edges

Get rid of rough edges by sanding them with a dowel rod wrapped in a grit paper. When the edges are smooth, it is very easy to connect the moldings together with a screw. This also helps them look clean and neat once they are mounted.


Mount the moldings on the walls

Once all fittings are right, you can take the moldings and attach them to the wall one-by-one. For a long piece, you will need someone who can help you hold it as you screw the other end. Make sure that the molding is as fit and tight as possible when you attach them. You don’t want to end up getting bruised by falling moldings. You can use the caulk gun to cover any gaps if there are any. 


Use corner blocks

Although this is optional, you can use corner blocks to prevent having to cut angles into the moldings. Cutting angles can be difficult since you have to also consider the corners of the ceiling. Depending on the design, this may require further tools and more time. Using the corner block is another way to make the corners of your molding more professional and it tends to be a lot easier to install.


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